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"This Is My first Model So.... Idk Model : Me (For Making The Model) minutes (4:00) Long Vdeo Used: How Super Mario 3D World Uses a Bad Co-O (The File Has The Vocals)"


Introducing our newest AI Voice Model, "Skip The Tutorial," perfect for Minecraft YouTubers and other content creators! Trained over 150 epochs using advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology, this cutting-edge model captures the unique character voice of popular Minecraft YouTuber "Me." With its high-quality, natural sounding audio, "Skip The Tutorial" brings your text-based scripts to life like never before. Not only does it specialize in creating engaging tutorial videos, but this powerful RVC Model V2 also has the ability to generate AI music and even create AI covers of your favorite songs! Simply input the desired lyrics, melody, or style, and let "Skip The Tutorial" work its magic. At Weights, we're passionate about empowering creators by providing access to innovative artificial intelligence technologies. That's why we offer a variety of free AI tools designed to help you enhance your content creation process. Give "Skip The Tutorial" a try today and experience the future of voice synthesis and AI cover generation for yourself! Start creating your own AI Cover or use our Text-to-Speech tool now

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Is Not A Zip of the model

Is The Zip For The Vocals


In the Zip File

Is because When i download the Vocals Download A Zip File

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

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