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"this model was literally approved by the company Jernimo Martins and by the official voice Model by almost 3 minutes of audio [I used the songs Quem Trouxe and To Bom Se Tudo Fosse]"


Introducing the Pingo Doce RVC Model, your ultimate tool for creating realistic AI music covers! This Portuguese-trained model has been officially approved by Jerónimo Martins, the company behind the beloved supermarket chain. With over 3 minutes of high-quality audio from popular songs like 'Quem Trouxe' and 'To Bom Se Tudo Fosse', this RVC Model can generate impressive text-to-speech and AI cover versions that will captivate any audience. Try it out now and see how easy it is to make professional-sounding music using artificial intelligence.

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Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Pingo Doce talking in portuguese

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.


yes my mom has a high position in the company and she let me ask if she could do it

Bro What

Ah do not worry I already have lidl Intermarché and I'm going to do continente to

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