Untitled Old Song Singer (Dense Blazing Star)


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"Trained with crepe set semitones to -12 Made by: (me)"


Introducing the "Untitled Old Song Singer" – the latest advancement in AI voice modeling from Weights. Based on Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology Version 2, trained over 190 epochs, this model brings music and nostalgia together like never before. With its unique ability to sing old songs, it offers a fresh take on classic tunes while preserving their original charm. Utilizing advanced techniques such as crepe set semitones, we have fine-tuned this model to achieve impressive results. Whether you're interested in creating AI covers or exploring text-to-speech possibilities, the "Untitled Old Song Singer" provides endless opportunities for musicians, producers, and hobbyists alike. It runs seamlessly with our easy-to-use, cutting-edge software platform kits.ai. To get started, simply visit us at Weights today and try out our powerful AI tools—all completely free! Let your creativity soar as you discover new dimensions of sound using our state-of-the-art AI voice models.

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MTANM Singer (Mysterious Song) (RVC V2 - 190 Epochs) (kits.ai)

Untitled Old Song Singer (Dense Blazing Star) (RVC V2 - 190 Epochs) (kits.ai)

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