Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind) (Kits AI)

Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind) (Kits AI)



Gordon forkman


Ballin' demo:

What was this trained on?

Also I think someone already did a Ross Scott model

I also made a model myself that's around 550 epoch but it's not very good

It was trained on Kits AI which only allows up to 300 epochs

I met what episodes

Episodes 1 and 2

Most likely why it doesn't have Gordon screaming

I trained mine off of a lot of HL2 episodes and some early episodes where he wasn't screaming all the time

I was thinking of making the ultimate Freeman model

I hadn't watched the hl2 episodes yet

So I just did hl1

Freeman's mind is goated I highly recommend watching the entire thing

From the episodes I've watched it is very goated

I was the one that made the previously mentioned Ross Scott model I think and if I remember correctly i used about 20 minutes of Ross from his Gui video the audio from that video was mostly just his voice and nothing else so I didn't have to worry about removing any background audio.

Also Ross is goated I'm more into his game dungeon stuff myself.

I made this abomination. I'm not sorry

Heard the Gangnam style instrumental and was immediately filled with fear


bros Ross has the raw voice tracks from all the HL1 episodes available for download on his site

You fucking serious? How dod I not know about this

I've got this

I'm thinking about remaking this model ngl

was already planning on doing it with a massive dataset. Hopefully that'll make it super accurate

Yeah probably a good idea

I'll ping you when it's done. Hopefully I have time to do it this week

The new model sounds incredible

Yeah that's really good

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