Nikku (FNF Hotline 024)
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"nikku fnf"


Introducing our advanced Nikku (FNF Hotline 024) (RVC V2) 700 Epochs model - a cutting-edge AI Voice Model integrated with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology. Designed specifically for music enthusiasts and professionals, this innovative tool enables you to create stunning AI covers effortlessly. The powerful RVC model ensures high-quality voice conversion, maintaining the original character while seamlessly integrating it into new compositions. With 700 epochs trained, this AI version of Nikku delivers accurate and consistent performances every time. Explore endless possibilities with AI Music using our top-tier text-to-speech features available through our FREE AI Tools at Weights! Start crafting your next AI cover today and elevate your musical experience like never before.

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bruh fnf chromatic can make as ai model heh

tbh nikku works because it says actual words in its chromatic scale

nah it works with other chromatic scales


if fnf chromatic scales work with ai that mean we can made a fnf character an ai voice plus we can also made a chromatic scales without fl studio

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