Chains (PAYDAY2) (1,976 clips)
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"Had to use an alt for colab for this to work lmao. This is the largest model I have ever trained so far. Not sure what tune to use do not use anything lower than 0. No credit required. Model upload tomorrow or so LFS is currently laying on the floor dead. Link added."


Introducing the Chains (PAYDAY2) RVC v2 Model, the most advanced AI voice model you've ever seen. With over 1,976 clips and 30 thorough training epochs, this model stands out as the largest and most comprehensive we've ever produced at Weights. It utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), a cutting-edge technology that generates highly accurate and natural-sounding voices, making it perfect for text-to-speech applications. Moreover, this versatile model excels at creating AI covers that mimic original music while ensuring superior sound quality. Get started today by using our free AI tools to try your hand at creating impressive AI covers and transformative text-to-speech outputs - elevate your projects like never before!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available



Audio removed in response to copyright claim.


I also have a (very much in progress) Huggingface Space where you can try out my models.

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