Duck Guy (DHMIS)
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"yeah there uh isnt much to say! its the funny duck from the funny british puppet show ! [Also if you for whatever reason decide to use this credit me ok off i go)"


Introducing the "Duck Guy (DHMIS) (RVC v2) 300 Epochs" - an innovative AI voice model integrated with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology version 2. This cutting-edge model is based on the beloved character from the popular British puppet series, Duck Guy. With 300 epochs of training, it has been fine-tuned to capture his distinctive voice, providing unmatched authenticity. Perfectly suited for various applications such as AI music creation, and generating realistic AI covers using text-to-speech synthesis. Try out our free AI tools at Weights today, and experience creating your own AI covers and personalized Text-to-Speech like never before! Optimize your content and enhance user engagement by incorporating this unique and versatile RVC Model into your projects.

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lil ole test

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

We have finished the chicken picnic.

do a red guy (I forgot his name)

Also yellow guy

i will get to those two eventually!

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