Alex Turner (2003-2004 Demo Tapes)


From the creator

"17-18 year old alex this mf was my age rocking out like that made from a 20 min dataset off fan-remastered and fan-restored "Beneath the Boardwalk" album i found in FLAC quality on reddit. trained on RMVPE. 48k works best at around 0.7 index ratio."


Introducing our cutting-edge Alex Turner (2003-2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (High)

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Singing 2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (Dry, High)

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alex is brian may confirmed

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

why would u train with 48k didnt u use uvr?

I used demucs

44.1k output

manually curated in RX

many test runs and many tinkerings with the dataset to get it to sound this good

how would u curate 32k tapes?

or even less idk

Id say give up

i dont work with anything that isnt at the very least 44.1k

cuz if its anything less then it aint even a studio tape

it was obviously upscaled

so it could've only been like 30khz

RVC upsamples to 48k so yeah

but thats normal

its 44.1k data so itll work for a 48k model

no i mean the flac files u got

i dont think they had 44.1k at the time

so it was obviosly upscaled

I mean theyre remasters and damn good ones

I dont care much for their upscaleness cuz rvc doesnt care for that

isnt artifacting a thing that comes wit it?

but u can get rid of it with audio editing when mastering

they werent bad isolations

sure they were rather low quality but to be fair these "flacs" were restorations from youtueb mp3s

so they were really good for what they came from

yeah mp3s are actually 25 khz only even if they come as 48khz

true i expected worse quality

i only used the songs that looked full on spec

yes ame chan

lots of them were ig not very restorable so the guy who "restored" them left them a shit samplerate

he resampled but

there was like no data

pretty luckluster as expected


the audio files u got i mean

not shitting on the model

should've specified lmao

i can show what they actually look like

no copyright pls



this is in the dataset

from mp3-restored-to-flac data id say this is damn good

it was clean

all across the set

dont know how to decipher whether it's bad or good but it looks sharp

ye imma get to bed now

drake clb model in the works

sleep tight 🙏🙏

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys 2003-2004 Demo Tapes) 48k RVCv2 270 Epochs

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