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"made by me also i hate ktis so im make my model publics ( also please credit me when using this as @unkownspecify2793(yt)/@Suki (transformers model maker)(dc)"


Introducing the Starscream(Transformers G1) RVC Model, an advanced AI voice model integrated with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This innovative model brings to life the iconic character, Starscream, from the Transformers Generation 1 series. Trained over numerous epochs, it captures Starscream's unique personality and speech patterns like never before. With this RVC Model, users can experience cutting-edge AI music generation, including creating AI covers of their favorite songs in Starscream's distinct voice. As a versatile tool designed for creators and enthusiasts alike, the Starscream RVC Model offers seamless text-to-speech conversion, enabling fans to engage more deeply with this beloved character. Built with precision and care, this model has been developed by a creative individual who wishes to remain anonymous while encouraging others to use and modify it freely. However, they kindly ask for proper attribution via @ mentioning them on social media platforms. Join the future of entertainment and explore the endless possibilities offered by Weights' Starscream(Transformers G1) RVC Model. Try out our free AI tools today to create engaging AI

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i also reccomend turning the pitch up by 5 since normally it sounds wierd

also this one has static in the background instead of the cleaner one done by starry dreams

bro just use voicemy.ai

its old

i made it before it sucked

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