Bullies (Yandere Simulator)


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""I saw you talking to a boy from another school! Is he your boyfrieeeeend?" The bullies- I mean the mean girls are now available on RVC v2. Characters voiced by Hayden Daviau."


Discover the Bullies from Yandere Simulator, now brought to life through the advanced RVC Model v2. Meet these notorious mean girls, beautifully voiced by talented VA Hayden Daviau. With the power of AI, this model creates stunning AI music covers and text-to-speech like never before. Try it out for yourself - unleash creativity using our state-of-the-art, free AI tools.

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Forgot their voices were the same lmao i havent played it in a while

Same with the delinquents and teachers lol.

are they actually the same voice damn I thought the gemu taku task voice lines are different v.as lol

You got to give Alex credit for hiring the same VA to do 5 characters with similar personalities.

Ikr im a voice actor willing to help him and he refused my help but he uses the same voice actors for mainy characters

I think they were on call for like years until they were finally used lol.

why would you wanna work with that vile person lol

No clue honestly

Yeah there's a reason why some VAs remained anonymous/uncredited in the game.

90% of the time dev didnt even bother crediting them

especially the early ones

(saki and kokona for example)

The ones left were the ones who he has to pay lol.

I loved kokonas old voice she was so cute

Or Michela Laws.

fun fact he wasted kokona's old/new vas time by requesting them to do voicelines on elimination methods SPECIFICALLY for her

she honestly the only volunteer that stayed with him since the beginning ngl

and then dumping them all out after "osana demo"

She did mention she wants her pay when the game is "ready".

True but i think she gets the credit. Not really the side people

which is never

Of course. LMAO.

Actually most likely in 2300

she deserved it considering how much time shes wasted recording lines for this never-ending development

True.. i mean she voices both ryoba and ayano

well she should lol shes the reason why ryoba gets half a personality and ayano gets 0

I'm generally surprised the professional ones even bother to work with him lol.

definitely getting some early experience

Well Katelyn Barr AmaLee Alejandro Saab Jonah Scott and the others definitely.

But for the student council they're all voiced by professionals who already are well-known already.

And that's when the big accusations started to happen.

really? i couldnt tell the dialogues are so corny lol

i legit thought he brought some teens to record them

but like its not the vas fault its his

It shows how much he paid them lol.

Amalee is in yandere sim? Since when?

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