George Floyd


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"do not credit me if used rest in paradise george floyd youll have to play around with the pitches to get it to sound right. (i am not responsible for whatever that is done with this model)"


Introducing the George Floyd (RVC V2) [400 Epochs], the latest advancement in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) models by Weights. This powerful AI voice model has been trained over 400 epochs to provide highly accurate and natural sounding results. With its advanced capabilities, the George Floyd (RVC V2) model excels at creating realistic and moving audio, such as AI covers and text-to-speech applications. The model's exceptional ability to mimic the unique vocal characteristics of George Floyd ensures authenticity and emotion in every rendering. Whether you need to generate music in the style of Mr. Floyd, convert text into speech, or simply explore new possibilities in AI-driven audio creation, this RVC model is your go-to solution. Join the future of AI music generation and seamless text-to-speech conversion by trying out our cutting-edge George Floyd (RVC V2) model today. To get started, visit our website and access our suite of FREE AI tools – unleash your creativity without limits! Rest in peace, George Floyd; your legacy lives on through our innovative technology.

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Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

If people credited you for this the Twitter stans would come after you

people made Hitler models

This is just wrong πŸ˜•

im just the poster not the maker

this is so bad

tbh i made a model of a terrorist

theres literally people who made models of Hitler Osama bin laden and others etc


Wgat thr fuck?

How is that the same thing? Those are killers George Flyod was literally shot at cops

How do u not realize how fucked uo this is

no way


did not make the model just posted it for someone who wants to remain anonymous ill probably take it down later

take this shit down now πŸ’€

fym later

i wouldnt wish shit like this on my worst enemy

imagine being murdered and then a fucking clone of your voice pops out on the internet

honestly that "anonymous" guy isnt really staying anonymous


yeah we dont know them but their name is still showing

yeah I uploaded it thats my hugging face I was provided the zip im taking it down lol

but yeah i highly suggest you take it down its for your good aswell

well theres been some pretty offensive models of like people related to tragedies and only are people freaking about this cause it's the most recent

i don't know if this makes sense at all lol welcome to discord 😭

people do get sensitive I mean there's literally people who profit off of dead people with ai but again I didnt make it so just thought id post cuz y not the person who sent it couldnt get the role so i just thought id be nice ti help out

man this is so dumb 😭

Why would some physco would even make a model of some type of shit like that

in the first place

why not

there's not way that anyone made this.

you'd be surprised

im just a civilian doing a good deed for a green role member im not gonna rat and be an opposition until it gets serious

nahh they deleted it 🀣

I didnt make it as I previously stated i just posted the model for another user and i dont wanna get banned cause people cry over it lol

thats crazy

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