Modern Birdo (Super Mario. Franchise, 2005 - Today), Harvest

Modern Birdo (Super Mario. Franchise, 2005 - Today), Harvest

Non-Voice / OtherFictional


Introducing the Modern Birdo RVC v2 Model from Weights - a cutting-edge AI voice model compatible with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This powerful tool, inspired by the beloved Super Mario franchise character, has undergone rigorous training for 300 epochs, resulting in enhanced performance and remarkable accuracy. The Modern Birdo Model excels at creating realistic and engaging AI covers, blending seamlessly with various music genres. Whether you're looking to produce captivating text-to-speech narratives or innovative AI music projects, this RVC Model offers unparalleled flexibility and potential. Take advantage of our advanced AI tools today – try out our free demo to experience the Modern Birdo Model firsthand and unlock your creative possibilities!


i dont have one :(

you ask for the chromatics from the old ai hub server so here's one I took chromatic samples from the old chromatic and used chromatic generator to give it 45 chromatic samples. I'll work on martha soon.

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