Mommy (e-girl) - Okada Voicechanger

Mommy (e-girl) - Okada Voicechanger

JapaneseEnglishRVC V2OG / Self


I decided to give this model for free becuase it's not the best for my standards but for many can be a huge start! If you like the model please consider a donation or; check my other real e-girl models here: Grab it for free here! Sample was made with TTS.


dear lord

someone had to do it..

Don't tell me this was the model i bought from you.


i have seen people earning selling e-girl voices you just stopped all that lol

i sell e-girl voice models simply i wanted to give a non-perfect model for free

I think i'll open my own Ko-Fi too and start selling models xd.

no competition

you cant tho

you cannot sell real people voice

always wondered which model is ur best one lmao

prob the soft speaking one

can u sound another demo in dms

i absolutely love it

sounds really smooth

of the soft speaking?

check dms

Sample? Sorry. Sample? Sorry. Sample? SORRY


Your Mommy Egirl model has 199 MBs of size.

You used almost 20 mins of dataset?

around 22 iirc very clean and truncated

Do you used RX 10?

Which are the RX10 tools you recommend the most?

I mean Dialogue Isolate Contour etc.

i do random things i suggest you asking better audio experts than me like Felt. do not forget that this is a free model so i didnt put much effort like the paid ones

Being honest i'm kinda too tryhard at making models and audio separation methods.

I don't know why.

mh yea then your best bet is felt

Spectral de noising is a must phasing de ess (especially for AI isolated stuff they have too much buzzing) and de click

if theres like weird noises n such

Of course it's different.

It works like an audio editor.

to give u a run down. RX10 uses algorithms instead of AI to process audio and its mainly a more advance audio editor

specifically made for artists

so that they can remove any harsh frequencies that might hurt the recording and such

me seeing this model


M0mmy (3g1rl) - RVC V2 - 500 Epochs - RMVPE - Okada Voicechanger

Please include a hugginface link for this one too

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