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"high pitch voice with a lot of data or something anyways danny if you ever see this im sorry that i made a model you made a while back raven told me to make the model anyways even after i missed out on making one so yeah if wolfychu wants the model taken down she can dm and ill have the link and post be deleted :P"


Transform your creative projects with the enchanting cadence of Wolfychu, using our pioneering RVC Model, "Wolfychu (rmvpe) (RVC v2) (1,250 Epochs)," available exclusively at Weights. Crafted through rigorous training, this model has been perfected over 1,250 epochs to emulate the distinctively high-pitched and melodic voice that has become synonymous with Wolfychu. This AI-powered tool, leveraging the potential of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), enables you to create stunning AI covers and engage in cutting-edge text-to-speech applications with unparalleled authenticity. Experience the seamless fusion of AI music technology with whimsical vocal stylings, perfect for animation, music production, or any digital content requiring a touch of youthful vibrancy. Built upon a comprehensive dataset, our Wolfychu voice model captures the essence of creativity and innovation, setting a new benchmark in the realm of RVC. Step into the future of voice synthesis and elevate your content with Weights' free AI tools. Start creating mesmerizing AI covers and captivating text-to-speech narratives today—discover the magic of Wolfychu's AI voice model and let your imagination soar.

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (High)

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Singing 2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (Dry, High)

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Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

danny didnt give wolfychu model make own wolfychu model apologize to danny enjoy wolfychu model good model indeed but ye the high pitch voice can get annoying at times since RVC isnt all that good with high pitched stuff


make your own version of RVC that can handle high pitched stuff then :trolley:

okay but like theres some other guy who made a wolfychu model with a mediafire link

never tried it

never will

bruh media fire moment

this mf

bro left the server either way

Wolfie RVC

oh bro left

im not just saying this because its not mine but this one sounds hella muffled

@Lusbert - アーミン should i upload mine or is that mean lol

(32k isnt the issue btw so dataset diff?)

ye its 32k @Danny (Real Fake Mod) :joe_cool:

it was like 31kHz dataset but eh

my 32k one sounds fine?

what did wolfie do

sure :nails:

i'd upload if i actually kept model info

i just train them and use them

who cares about the specs its all about the sound

me? :trolley:

but still what if someone wants to replicate

you need to tell them stuff like batch size and shit smh

this trained to like 118750 steps iirc

27 minute dataset batch 8

they aint gonna replicate it anyways because they'd need the same dataset

ye but why not include the info

because i dont got it no more

my wolfychu model is also ass bro

gotta go make a new one

new dataset

smh it'll prob be better ig

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