Cirno (Touhou LostWord)

Cirno (Touhou LostWord)

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Discover the mesmerizing potential of artificial intelligence in music creation with Weights' outstanding Cirno AI Voice Model, meticulously trained through GPT-SoVITS over 12-20 epochs. This model embodies the playful and energetic spirit of Cirno from Touhou LostWord, bringing her characteristic voice to life with unparalleled authenticity. As part of the cutting-edge RVC Model series, it offers an exceptional tool for tech enthusiasts and creators aiming to generate AI music with a distinct anime vibe. Leveraging the power of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion, this AI Voice Model is perfect for producing high-quality AI covers or adding a unique twist to text-to-speech applications. With Weights' Cirno model, you can transform any song or dialogue into a performance that echoes Cirno's icy charm. Whether you're aspiring to innovate in the world of AI music or want to captivate your audience with extraordinary audio experiences, this model facilitates creativity and immersion. Harness the vocal magic of Cirno and tap into the realm of AI-generated music and voiceovers. Dive into Weights' robust selection of free AI tools today to create your own AI covers or text-to-speech samples, and let the distinctive sound of Cirno from Touhou LostWord enchant your projects.


bruh wheres audio ref

It's in the zip

Or it's the list file

it's not in the zip


list file wont do anything w inference

It's not?

Hold on let me check

Only I can use it?

Well guess I'll upload a sample later on

yeah you have the audios to make inference

Well I assumed anyone can use the list file but I'll upload it later

transcript: お前も同じ道を行くならもっと力が必要だぞ

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