Usada Pekora & PekoMama


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"made by me @dacoolkid44"


Introducing the "Usada Pekora & PekoMama (RVC V2) (Ov2, 50 Epochs)" AI Voice Model, brought to you exclusively by Weights. This cutting-edge RVC model showcases the epitome of innovation in the sphere of AI music and voice conversion technology. Expertly crafted with 50 epochs of extensive training, the model embodies the unique vocal characteristics of the vibrant virtual talent Usada Pekora, along with the endearing nuances of PekoMama. Ideal for creators and enthusiasts looking to generate authentic AI covers or to infuse their projects with dynamic voice simulations, our model leverages Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion to deliver unparalleled audio fidelity. Heighten the engagement of your audience by employing this model to create high-quality voice content for animations, virtual interactions, or any platform that requires a touch of personalized AI voices. Our Usada Pekora & PekoMama voice model is a testament to Weights' commitment to advancing the frontiers of AI-generated entertainment. Experience a revolution in content creation and dive into the world of AI-generated covers and text-to-speech narratives with our free AI tools at Weights. Engage your audience like never before—start creating with the Usada Pekora & PekoMama RVC V2 model today!

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talking models btw I'll post demos soon.

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