Microsoft Sam (GPT-SoVITS)

Microsoft Sam (GPT-SoVITS)

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Explore the all-new Microsoft Sam AI Voice Model (GPT-SoVITS) with an impressive 20 Epochs offered by Weights. This advanced RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) Model revolutionizes artificial intelligence and voice technology. Harnessing the power of advanced AI Music capabilities, this AI voice model creates lifelike virtual voice replicas, opening a world of possibilities in AI music generation. With 20 Epochs, Microsoft Sam (GPT-SoVITS) ensures superior voice quality and unparalleled creativity. Whether you are interested in creating AI covers or in exploring the potential of text-to-speech technologies, the Microsoft Sam AI Voice Model creates a seamless user experience. Explore the versatile applications of AI Music and challenge the creative bounds with Microsoft Sam (GPT-SoVITS). Dive into the modern world of RVC Models today with Weights, and start shaping the future of AI Music. Create your own AI covers or text-to-speech applications using our free AI tools and immerse yourself in the transformational world of AI-powered sound technology.


Can we appreciate how much time he wasted making a tts model with a tts voice dataset?


Like the Adam eleven labs gpt sovits model lol


Btw @kimid i respect your adam model bro

Thank you


Yw bro

I wonder if he was based on a real person's voice

finally the soi issue is fixed lol


Soi soi soi :lfg:

I think ms sam as a gpt-sovits is not necessarily but as a rvc model his voice makes more sense to make him sound more emotional. Also elevenlabs voices in gpt-sovits amd rvc makes sense cus people can run out of Quota easily to generate TTS no matter if its under a free subscription or not.

11L has some good tech but it should've been made free/open source

not least it'd save them all sorts of legal troubles

when you have to start paywalling people to clone specific voices thats a red flag

elevenlabs voices in gpt-sovits and rvc sounds like piracy lol


Free elevenlabs without paying lol

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