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"My first GPT-SoVITs model! It reuses the same dataset from my RVC models of her I made back in 2023 so around 4-ish minutes of voice clips from their gaming videos with music and noise removed as best as possible."


Introducing the sophisticated AI Voice Model known as "Alpha Lexa (Ryans World) - GPT-SoVITS, 20 Epochs". This revolutionary model leverages sophisticated machine learning techniques to mimic the human voice in a highly realistic manner. This state-of-the-art RVC Model was trained through 20 epochs using the GPT-SoVITS technique and is capable of producing impressively accurate audio imitations. The original dataset hails from the same source used for our ground-breaking RVC models that were crafted in 2023, comprising around four minutes of cleaned voice clips extracted from engaging gaming videos. This advanced model, presented by Weights, excels in generating AI Music - it can produce exquisite AI covers without noise or music interference. Its unrivaled technology allows users to enjoy high-quality and tailor-made Text-to-Speech and AI Covers experiences. Seize the opportunity to leverage our free AI tools to create distinctive AI Covers or generate Text-to-Speech content. Adventure into the realm of AI Music with Weights, and experience the innovation and creativity our advanced technology provides in voice generation.

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