Claptrap (Borderlands GOTY Enhanced)
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"Model Details: Pretrain Model: Ov2Super-40K Steps/Epochs: 100e/2640s Dataset Size: 10 Minutes and 57 Seconds Pitch extraction algorithm: RMVPE DL:"


Discover the magic of the AI Voice Model Claptrap from the game Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. This one-of-a-kind model, powered by RVC V2 and RMVPE, utilizes the sophisticated Ov2Super-40K Pretrain Model. Built with a commitment to precision, it leverages a dataset spanning 10 minutes and 57 seconds and an advanced RMVPE pitch extraction algorithm. Explore the sonic possibilities of AI Music with our Claptrap RVC model and let your creative projects stand out. Recreate the electrifying voice of Claptrap and transform your audio content experience. Our model goes through meticulous training with 100e/2640s steps/epochs ensuring an output as immersive as the original voice. At Weights, our AI tools are easy to use and designed with your convenience in mind. Genuinely recreate the cinematic thrills of the gaming universe. Dive into AI-aided music production or enhance your Text-to-Speech applications. Start crafting AI Covers with our free AI tools today and experience AI Music like never before.

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