Pinstripe Potoroo (Crash Team Racing 1999) (GPT-SoVITS)


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"Random request also this is trained with like 20 seconds of audio Model"


Introducing Weights' novel AI voice model, "Pinstripe Potoroo (Crash Team Racing 1999) (GPT-SoVITS) (15 Epochs)." This advanced RVC Model is masterfully trained on intricate 20-second audio snippets, developed with the innovative prowess of AI technology. For everyone fascinated by the delights of AI music, this model represents the iconic voice of "Pinstripe Potoroo," a renowned character from the world-famous 1999 Crash Team Racing game. Our GPT-SoVITS model breathes new life into nostalgia with pristine accuracy, despite being trained over a concise period of 15 epochs only. If you're looking to create AI Covers or transform text into speech with an edgy twist, this model offers an excitingly distinct avenue to explore. Experience the power of this model and immerse yourself in your audio projects, adding an innovative, retro game twist. Start leveraging our free AI tools now to create riveting AI covers or top-tier text-to-speech content. Only at Weights, where creativity meets cutting-edge AI innovation!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available



Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Transcript: You're mine. Have some of this. Yeah right. Watch your back.

It Sounds Like Chuck E. Cheese In The 80s

I guess you could say that

Here Is For Comparison

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