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Kiss Of Life BELLE [All-Round Model]

Kiss Of Life BELLE [All-Round Model]

КорейськаRVC V2Artist





Introducing the Kiss Of Life BELLE [All-Round Model] (RVCv2 80 epoch) - the ultimate AI voice solution powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology from Weights. This sophisticated model, trained on a dataset created by @meaisae and pre-trained by sim, offers exceptional versatility and precision in text-to-speech conversion. With its ability to generate high-quality AI music and covers, it's perfect for musicians, producers, and content creators looking to enhance their projects. Ideally suited for the leemoojin era, this all-rounder delivers impressive results in various applications. Take advantage of our cutting-edge free AI tools today and start creating your own AI covers or utilizing top-notch text-to-speech capabilities with ease. Discover the power of Weights' AI technology – unlock new possibilities in audio creation!

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