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The NCT CHENLE (RVCv2 350 epoch) AI Voice Model is a state-of-the-art RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) Model developed by Weights, designed specifically to recreate the unique vocal qualities of Chenle, a renowned member of the K-pop group NCT. This model is meticulously trained over 350 epochs, utilizing a dataset curated by @meaisae, and captures the intricacies of Chenle's voice during the celebrated 'istj era' of his career. With the NCT CHENLE RVC Model, creators and musicians can seamlessly generate AI Music, create AI Covers, and explore innovative Text-to-Speech applications that bring Chenle's signature sound to life. This model is perfect for fans and professionals alike who aim to produce high-fidelity audio projects in Chenle's voice without the complexities of traditional recording. Unlock the full potential of RVC technology and start creating your own AI-generated music covers with our free AI tools at Weights. Experience the magic of Chenle's voice in your music and join the next wave of audio production today.

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