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Doctor Henry West
АнглійськаFictionalRVC v2


Meet Doctor Henry West, a distinct AI Voice Model from Weights, derived from the enigmatic professor character at Miskatonic University from the popular Splatterhouse series. Utilizing progressive RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, this model encapsulates the mysterious and captivating aura of Doctor Henry West, bringing an intriguing element to any project. Suitable for a vast range of applications from AI Music to narration, this model excellently delivers diverse audio content. Curious to experience the magic of Doctor Henry West's voice? Use our free AI tools to craft unique AI covers or text-to-speech recordings. With Weights' Doctor Henry West RVC Model, immerse your audience in a captivating audio journey that echoes with mystery and charm of Splatterhouse's enigma, Doctor Henry West. Jumpstart your AI audio adventure with Weights today.

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