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Vestia Zeta


Introducing Weights' innovative AI Voice Model - "Vestia Zeta", meticulously tailored after the Hololive ID gen 3 Vestia Zeta voice. Elevate your AI music game by inducing a fresh and unprecedented audio quality with our powerful RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) model. Dive into the future of audio production and adopt the enchanting and riveting Vestia Zeta voice in your projects. Perfect for creating mesmerizing AI Covers or for compelling Text-to-Speech applications, the Vestia Zeta voice model brings a brilliant flair to your sound that separates you from the competition. Empowered by advanced machine learning algorithms and driven by artificial intelligence, our RVC Model ensures high fidelity voice conversion that is a class apart. Explore the limitless boundaries of AI Music and personalize the audio content with Vestia Zeta’s unique voice now. Don't wait any longer! Take advantage of Weights' free AI tools and start creating your own AI Covers or Text-to-Speech applications today. Experience an auditory delight that transcends the conventional with the Vestia Zeta voice model exclusively at Weights.

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