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Decided finally to upload all my RVC Models that I made over these past months. Realized they were all made in V1, however, so I hope y'all will enjoy them still... All my models uploaded are self trained locally on RMVPE Still honestly fairly new at this. Bear with me.







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Aladdin (Brad Kane)
RVC v21,600 epochsFictionalEnglish
Belle (Beauty and the Beast 1991)
RVC v2450 epochsFictionalEnglish
Sigma (Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)
RVC v2200 epochsFictionalEnglish
Hades (Version 2)
RVC v2200 epochsEnglishFictional
King Triton (Kenneth Mars)
RVC v2500 epochsDisneyEnglishFictional
Gaston (Version 2)
RVC v2900 epochsDisneyVillainsNo One Sings Like GastonFictionalEnglish
Livewire (DCAU)
RVC v2260 epochsDCAUFictionalEnglish
Deebo (Friday Movies)
RVC v2100 epochsFridayNext FridayDeeboThat's my model punkEnglish
Maleficent (Susan Blakeslee)
RVC v250 epochsDisneyKingdom HeartsMaleficentEnglish
Clayton (Tarzan 1999)
RVC v1150 epochsDisneyTarzanClaytonEnglish
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